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For good education, students have to migrate to better places & this is the history as of yesterday. Now technology development removed these constraints and barriers. The Best Education of etros is available in House anywhere including the remote area. Quality education by teaching from the renowned professors and faculty is available at recipient's facilities. Best education at environment of individual's choice.


VSAT is a two-way satellite ground station that receives and transmits real-time data via satellite. It transmits both narrow and broadband data to satellites in orbit. The data is then redirected to other remote terminals or hubs around the planet. VSATs are mainly used for wireless transmission of real-time data. VSAT technology represents a cost effective solution for users seeking an independent communications network connecting a number of remote sites. VSAT networks offer value-added satellite-based services.


One acute problem faced by the coaching class industry, is paucity of competent faculty. This constraint imposes limitations on expansion beyond geographical boundaries. SPEDD Offers Satellite classes for UG AND PG ENTRANCE EXAMINATION PREPARATION which addresses this problem effectively without losing quality of coaching.

  • Teaching End i.e. the Studios
  • Remote Learning Centers called "Classrooms" and
  • The Satellite.


1. What is satellite based classes?

  • Satellite based classes are network of virtual classrooms connected via VSAT network where faculty teaches from central studio.

2. How are SPEED classes different from other VSAT based system?

  • a) The SPEED SATELLITE CLASS system is based on XC satellite band, while most other systems are based on KU-band which suffers from rain-degradation.
  • b) Studio transmissions are at high bandwidth rates of approx 2000 Kbps, while other systems are at 1/3rd of this rate. This leads to Superior audio and video quality. The classes are projected on bright and big (80-100 inch) screens with Stereo-clarity sound.
  • c) SPEED SATELLITE CLASS system ensure that several classes are visible in full clarity to the Faculty at the same time. The Faculty can zoom into any classroom and see the students clearly, and talk to them.
  • d) Each Center has two additional voice lines which can be used by Center/Students to communicate the studio or Faculty.

3. Are these classes like movie?

  • The classes are held LIVE and you can interact with the faculty as in any face to face classes.

4. How is the classroom setup?

  • All centers should have Air conditioned classrooms with large screen, comfortable seating/ambient lighting and quality audio setup.

5. Can the faculty see and hear the students?

  • Yes, the Faculty can constantly monitor students sitting in the class throughout the session. The Central control room is constantly viewing all classes, and recording class movement.

6. How will students ask query from faculty?

  • Students can ask query during the class using cordless Mic provided in the center. Instant-Chat option is used by students to send their comments and receive response. They can also use it to request live query- like in the normal class. The querying student's audio and video is also visible to all classes, so that they can hear and see the query, and benefit from it.

7. Can I attend LIVE demo classes before registering?

  • Yes. You can attend LIVE demo classes at your nearest center. Please coordinate with your Center manager.
SPEED Satellite Centre - Vilathikulam

Sri Ambal Vidhyalaya, Ambal Nagar,
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