Tips To Follow During Exam

Studying for essential exams can be stressful. The long hours, mock exams, countless training sessions, hundreds of concepts and topics require undivided attention. Students are often in a world of stress and tension on the days before the exam. Coupled with external pressure from family and friends, aspirants have a lot of psychological obstacles to come through. As a way to increase their chances at scoring better in the exams, students often handle their studies ineffective study pattern with sleepless nights, last minute revision, or even unproductive study plan. Neglecting mental and physical health at the time of examination can have catastrophic repercussions on both their brain and body. Parents should also encourage students by assisting them successfully crack the exams through positive motivation and morale boost. To give the best at the medical entrance exams, more than studying, students should prepare themselves psychologically.

Some of the tips to crack the exams include the following.,


Relaxing is an integral part of student’s preparation days. Rejuvenate the mind by practicing slow breathing exercise. This calms the brain and allows the retention of information easier. Students can also use meditation music to remove toxic thoughts that adds negative energy.

2.Avoid late night study sessions

Studying all day is an essential part of an active study plan. However, students should plan their study schedule without going overboard. All night study sessions can have an impact on the sleep pattern thus affecting concentration. Studying 14 – 16 hours a day is a good practice and having a good 8 hours sleep will help retain the information.

3.Stay away from unnecessary phone calls that increase panic

Discussing with friends is part of every student’s life. Asking doubts or seeking advice on relevant topics is an excellent way to plan time spent on each subject. Sometimes, these phone calls can turn into a frenzy of unrelated and unnecessary questions leading to self-doubt and panic. Avoid such calls to sustain concentration in the study plan.

4.Start exam preparation in advance

Last minute preparation does not help crack the NEET Exam. Investing time into every module is quintessential in understanding the concept to the very basic that allows capture lessons better. Start the preparation very well in advance so that there is enough time to learn, understand, and revise.

Following these simple tips can have better and positive impact on the mental health of the aspiring candidates. Their ability to retain information increases as the brain is relaxed, while having an increased grasping power and retention rate.