The Secret Formula To Crack NEET 2018

Months ahead of an important exam, students are surrounded by books, mock papers, and most importantly anxious parents. An exam as trivial as NEET, makes even the students get worried. From spending sleepless nights worrying about what’s about to happen in the hall, to mentally revising their learnings, they are at their most vulnerable.

To keep the cool and take the exams with a positive spirit, students must know the secret formula to crack the exam. The secret is not just to prepare for every topic and understand all the concepts; there are few psychological tricks that will help that gets a student through these difficult times.

To Crack the NEET 2018, follow these five simple steps.

1.Always keep calm

It is easy to let others spook the students. From stressed peers to tensed parents, everyone is riding on this exam and has a lot of hope pinned on the students. It is the student’s sole responsibility not to let them affect the concentration or self-doubt to perform the examination.

2.Do not try to learn new concepts in the last minute

Learning new concepts at the last moment is not a good idea. The students are stressed about what they don’t know and lose out on what they do know. To avoid such situations, students must start their preparation well in advance. SPEED Institute offers several courses that help students begin the preparation process well in advance.

3.Maintain a sleep schedule

Skipping a couple of hours of sleep and study is easy. But the repercussions will severely affect the results of the examination. Fatigue, anxiety, and drowsiness can alter the concentration. Students must always sleep at an appropriate time and ensure to get a good eight hours sleep every night.

4.Practice mock papers

A good rule of thumb for exam preparations is to practice mock papers. These mock papers are the gateway to the exam world, and students can learn the type of questions that can be asked in the exams. They are exposed to these questions well in advance so that there are no surprises.

5.Indulge in at least one physical activity

It is incredibly critical to destress. The mind needs the rest even when there is a significant event around the corner. To relax, one of the easiest ways is to indulge in physical activity. It is not advisable to play video games or sit in front of the TV. Instead, students can play cricket, football, or even go for a walk. This activity helps the mind to unwind after all the stress it has been through thus helping the students remember better.

While it is very easy to give into the pressure, cracking NEET is also about handling stress. Stress is part of the medical profession, and NEET is only the testing phase for the future of medical professionals.