The Evolution of Education

The evolution of education has proven time, and again that now is the time to learn and advance in life. Earlier, most people had limited access to good education; only a few had the facility to attend extra classes for further coaching. Students had to participate in every class to understand the concepts and missing even one class can cost the student’s opportunity to perform better.

Preparation for entrance exams was a herculean task as coaching centers lacked the facilities to teach students with relevant examples, offer teaching assistance, etc. With a limited number of institutes teaching in only select cities, students had to face a lot of difficulties to travel and study. It became a tedious job to find good teaching institutes that would offer complete learning assistance.

However, thanks to the recent developments in technology, education industry has transformed into a powered hub of information that allows students to explore their thirst for excellent education. As technology penetrated the education sector, newer teaching methods evolved. From distance learning to online classes, students had some options to choose their mode of learning.

Recently, one of the most crucial modes of learning includes mobile app learning. Using a mobile device to understand new concepts has replaced the need for classroom training. Being versatile and convenient, most students find it best suited alternate to distance learning. The ability to have a travel-friendly classroom has made mobile app learning to be the new-age trend for young aspirants.

SPEED Institute understands the importance of app-based learning has created learning apps for students appearing for NEET exams. Based entirely on the requirement of the students, two different apps have been launched to support the students during their preparation phase. The two apps namely, SPEED test series app and SPEED learning app have two different purposes of serving the students. While the former is for those who wish to prepare by practicing questions, the later is about teaching concepts with short videos. Both of these have been received exceptionally well by students.

Some of the primary reasons for the success of app-based learning methodology includes.

1.Easy access to new concepts

Since the apps are available all the time, students can learn as much or as little as they want at any given time. If time permits newer concepts can be explored instantly without having to wait for others or another class. The lack of schedule adds to the benefit of this learning method.

2.Anywhere learning

Students can learn while being at home, or during travel. There is no need to maintain a timetable to be marked on a specific day to study. Since all the information is stored in the app, students can also access it during the night or whenever they are inclined to study.

3.No time lost on travel

Most of the time, students spend hours traveling to education centers for classes. This creates a loop in the day. If the students had the option to utilize this time for another activity or study instead, it could be a better use of time. App-based learning saves travel time thus ensuring students are not wasting any time traveling to a location.

4.Referencing is easy  

Whenever there is doubt, students can instantly look up the app to get them clarified. There is no need to wait for a teacher to explain the doubt with an explanation. The ease of studying is amplified through app-based learning thus increasing the success rate of technology-based teaching.