The different facilities to prepare for NEET UG

One of the toughest and most anticipated exams for students dreaming of entering the world of medical science, NEET UG exams is challenging to crack. With the pressure mounting with every passing day, students find it difficult to cope with the stress and prepare well for the exams. Most often, they are caught in the planning stage, which makes or break their study time. With numerous books and study material available, students often wonder where to start and how to structure their studies. With SPEED Institute, this worry can be instantly put to rest.

SPEED Institute, one of the premiere institutions in the country offering aspiring medical students the ultimate education platform to realize their dream provides a variety of coaching options based on the student’s availability and affordability. From regular course to online courses, here are the five options for students to choose from.,


1. Regular course

A two-year course with interactive sessions, this is one for those who start their preparation ahead of others. Online examination, topic-wise tests, and expert faculty makes this one of the more popular courses at SPEED. Known for training students, this course allows the student to get acquainted with the subjects.


2. Residential course

A one-year course for Grade 12 students, this course is an exhaustive plan for those who dedicate their lives to prepare for the exams to make a move on their next career. With classes happening throughout the week, the course conducts tests to sharpen the students further. The world-class standard of the institute also offers the students several other facilities including a sports area for tennis, hockey, medical assistance, and excellent residential facilities.


3. Foundation course

This two-year course extends individual attention to every student part of the class. With assignments and consistent monitoring, students are well prepared for the Medical entrance exam at the end of the year. The tests are conducted both online and offline as students can further enhance their knowledge for the exam.


4. Online test series

For those students who are focused on sharpening their knowledge with tests, this series is crafted to meet the needs. With everyday tests, mock exams, All India rank-based tests, this is the one course that will sharpen not only the subject but also time management. With technology, the test is available across all mediums including laptops, PCs and mobile phones.


5. Online course

Geography cannot stop the preparation for exams. Thus, SPEED offers online courses for students who wish to attend classes remotely. Course material and exams help the students prepare for the exams easily. Faculty experts also lend support with consistent feedback for improvement.