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Revision Exams – Boon to Students

“Practice makes a man perfect” – this is one quote almost all of us use on an everyday basis. Yes, practice indeed makes us more competent in the work we are doing. From driving to becoming a world-famous artist, training over a continued period helps in getting better. Similarly, when

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Basic and smart tips for self-preparation for NEET PG exam

All India examinations including 10th, 12th board exams take a toll on the students. Schools, parents, and students themselves go through the rigorous process of studying and competing with each other for rank and score. Soon after school, students are once again faced by the All India examination for medical

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How to know if my NEET preparation is on the right track?

Amidst all the exam preparation, is it possible to stop and wonder if things are going in the success path? Students often wonder if there is anything they have missed or any other area to focus on to get the added advantage. Sometimes, students often have doubts if they have

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Dreaming Parents

Are you a parent dreaming about seeing your kid to become a doctor? Enroll students of 7th standard to NEET preparation with SPEED course. As parents, there is no greater joy than to see your kind excel in their lives and become superstars of their field. Sometimes both parents and

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NEET – The tips to prepare and get your score high!

It is that time of the year again to burn the midnight oil with long hours of preparation. With NEET, the preparation and tension multi-folds. As the exam date nears, every student is left with an overwhelming feeling of stress and anxiety. Apart from the students, parents also worry as

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