SPEED Online Test Series for NEET

One of the crucial components of a good study plan is being prepared for the questions that are bound to appear in the exams. From anticipating the possible vital topics to understanding the analytical approach to a question, students must always include a question-solving activity as part of their study schedule. Another vital reason for parents and faculty to recommend preparation with questions is to improve time management. With only a short time available to complete 180 questions from different subjects including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, the student must be agile in their thinking process and answer questions correctly. Solving question papers allow students to give themselves a time limit for each question and not ponder over one thing at any point.

Understanding the essence of practicing questions, SPEED has created a dedicated course namely SPEED online test series. An exhaustive list of subject wise questions is prepared by experienced faculty members. The course which is spread over the span of few months, helps students analyze their strengths and focus on areas that require extra attention through a series of tests. The online tests conducted is categorized into daily, weekly and monthly giving students ample opportunity to prepare based on their performance of each test.

A brilliant strategy for aspiring students, the series also offers mock exams and subject wise exam thus giving students enough exposure on each topic. Another motivating factor for students is that the online courses also have All India ranking that motivates students to excel at every exam and not merely attend the questions. There is enough room for students to assess their performance and recourse their study plan for better results.

NEET is India’s one of the most crucial exams determining the future of hundreds of thousands of students; students should prepare for the battle with every armor they get. This online test series by SPEED is a boon to those who have been preparing for months as it helps them assess their preparation thus far. It is also helpful to students gearing up for the exam a little later as the online test series acts as a fast-track approach to better preparation. Using technology for studying, students can easily access these exams anytime, anywhere without any hassle.

The online test series which is also available in the form of Online Test Series app is a smart use of technology as most students prefer to use mobile devices over pen and paper. Using the young minds’ interest in technology, SPEED has strategically created an efficient app that helps utilize their technology time to study.