Revision Exams – Boon to Students

Practice makes a man perfect” – this is one quote almost all of us use on an everyday basis. Yes, practice indeed makes us more competent in the work we are doing. From driving to becoming a world-famous artist, training over a continued period helps in getting better. Similarly, when preparing for exams, students should discover the benefits of revising for the exams. Preparing for an exam does not only imply the constant addition of knowledge to the mind, but it also means that the students must be competent enough to answer the questions within the given amount of time.

Being pressed for time, students must understand the importance of quick thinking and speed. From being agile while answering questions to have a fast memory power, the mind has to race through all the questions to perform well during the exam. To understand the importance of revising before exams, we asked experienced faculty members for their opinion. Collectively, all of them support extensive revision before the exam through test series similar to the ones offered by SPEED as it helps to learn easier.

1.Revisions helps to remember topics better

Revision implies merely repeated learning of the same subject. Since the mind is re-reading everything, the ability to recollect improves. It is similar to learning a new locality. The more one visits the place, the more familiar it all seems. Revising topics through exams enhances the power to remember concepts despite the different approach to questions.

2.Time management can be improved through practice

Since the students should answer the questions within the given three hours of time, practicing the time frame is essential to finishing the exam thoroughly. The quick-thinking ability is something that can be cultivated over time. To fully utilize the time, repeated exam sessions before the exam is critical.

3.Mind becomes sharper due to repeated exercise

With revision exams, the brain develops the ability to notice details instantly. Small description or even a number can make a huge difference in understanding the meaning of the question. With revision exams, the mind adapts to understanding more information within a limited amount of time. This ability helps with the performance of an exam.

4.Helps build confidence

Revision exams are a way of reinstating to self that they know the topics. This awareness helps build confidence thus eliminating any negative energy about the exam. With confidence, students can quickly take even the most rigorous exam and perform exceptionally well. Confidence is the key to better performance and revision is the path to excellence.