NEET – The tips to prepare and get your score high!

It is that time of the year again to burn the midnight oil with long hours of preparation. With NEET, the preparation and tension multi-folds. As the exam date nears, every student is left with an overwhelming feeling of stress and anxiety. Apart from the students, parents also worry as this is one of the most important exams that can make or break the future. With such high tension riding, it is easy to get distracted and lose focus on the end goal. To stop from falling victim to the grips of pressure, these tips will help students crack the exam easily.

1. Know your syllabus

Being an ocean of information, the NEET syllabus often hard to complete. To excel in the exams one must approach the preparation process with a clear strategy. Focus on the relevant topics and subjects. This helps in preparing wisely for the exam. Since NEET exams cover NCERT syllabus, one can easily refer back to the textbooks to understand the core areas and start preparing from there.

2. Formulate an effective study plan

The key to an effective completion of the syllabus is the presence of a robust study plan. A study plan allows the students to divide their time and prepare for the exams without wasting time breaking the head on what to study next. Spend a good half hour in laying out the study plan that will be completed that day and review it at the end of the day. This allows one to assess their day’s work and prepare accordingly for the upcoming week.

3. Practice mock test or previous year papers

There are many websites and books that offer past year papers, including coaching centres. Using these to practice your knowledge will help the process of studying. NEET Coaching centre including SPEED even offer mock tests that sharpens the student’s time management skills, study potential and explore weak areas.

4. Assisted learning with technology

If guided learning is required, then students can opt for courses offered by online platforms including SPEED TEST SERIES. Ranging from crash courses to exhaustive study courses, the online learning centre is one of the top coaching platforms in the country for NEET exams. With a wide selection of classes to choose from, students can analysis their requirement and enroll in the course that best suits their needs.


5. Target on areas that require extra assistance

Not everyone’s a master of all subjects. Self-analysis is critical while preparing for such highly competitive exam. Understanding one’s area of weakness can affect the preparation process, thus helping students crack the exam better. If there is more than one area that require extra attention,  then working longer hours to understand the concepts and working on additional SPEED mock tests that sharpen your confidence in the subject will help through the exam.