Intensive NEET Crash Program for Medical Aspirants

The life of students is all about catching up. The minds are filled with concepts and theories across myriad of subjects. However, it must also be noted that students often have little time to prepare for some of the major exams. Medical aspirants who are taking NEET exam to get into a good college are usually under a state of pressure that gives them little time to prepare carefully for the exam. School stress, board exam preparations, and many other constraints may leave them with little or no time to invest in preparing for one of the country’s most challenging and aspiring exams.

In contrast, there are students who have dedicated countless hours, even months to prepare for this exam. Coaching classes, solving previous years papers, and also taking quizzes to crack the exam, these students have a tactical advantage. So, what happens to those due to circumstances couldn’t be a part of the preparation bandwagon? Are they out of the race?

The answer is definitely no! SPEED, one of India’s leading education training institute has created a name for itself by devising courses for students with different learning expectations. Although the institute offers residential and foundation courses for those who start early, the option to prepare the last minute is also available at the institute.

Using the advantage of technology, SPEED has created several apps and online courses that help and nurture late bloomers for NEET exams. These courses and apps have been carefully curated to meet the demands of the exam while keeping in mind the time frame within which a student can prepare to the fullest extent possible. With the help of experienced faculty members and prominent technology players, SPEED Institute has launched SPEED learning app and SPEED test series app.

The apps have been carefully designed to support both Android and iOS operating systems. The flexibility of app-based learning is that students can prepare for exams anytime, anywhere based on their schedule. Since the apps are loaded with information, students can refer to them as and when they require clarification. The Online test series app is particularly beneficial for those who wish to practice by taking exams. With All India – AIIMS/PGI model, the exams are conducted every month.

Apart from app-based learning facility, the institute also offers short-term courses that give students the motivation and confidence to prepare for the exams. These sessions are conducted by an experienced faculty member who guides the students and hones them for one of the most critical exams. With tests happening every day, each student is giving undivided attention that helps them have a good and equal shot at the exam just like those who have been preparing for a longer duration.

By offering a plethora of courses and the intelligent use of technology has made SPEED a household name among medical aspirants. Since the dawn of the millennium, the institute has been instrumental in creating rank holders every year.