If MBBS is your dream, then NEET should be your pillow where SPEED is the room!

“What would you like to be when you grow up?” – This has been one of the most asked questions to a child while growing up. While some of the answers including doctor, lawyer, engineer or even actor, only a few of us stick to the same answer even after growing up. If you are one of those thousands of kids who dreamt of being a doctor, passing twelfth grade is only a stepping stone to achieve your dreams. MBBS is not just a course; it is an ambition filled with compassion towards humanity, perseverance towards education, and most importantly intelligence towards medicine.

But how is the one going to compete with hundreds of thousands of aspirants from across the country? To succeed in this highly competitive exam, students need to be fully equipped with study material, teaching guidance, and extraordinary practice sessions. If MBBS is your destination, then NEET is the path as SPEED guides you with the navigation system.

What SPEED offers its MBBS aspirants? 

1. Courses based on student’s requirement

SPEED Institute understands the requirement of each student and has formulated each of the courses to meet the needs. From online courses to residential courses, each offering is carefully crafted to train the students. Having a strong technology center, SPEED offers online courses in various forms including Satellite Course, Online Course, Classroom Based Course that allows students to be part of one of the largest teaching facilities in the country. Other courses include foundation courses, correspondence courses, residential courses, online test series and much more that help the students to excel.

2. Highly qualified faculty members

Each class is handled by highly trained and qualified faculty members. Their strong subject knowledge combined with state-of-the-art classroom facilities including the availability of teacher notes instantly offers a holistic learning experience for the students. With undivided guidance, students can prepare themselves for one of the most important exams of their lives.

3. Technology-driven classes and examinations

From online courses to app-based learning courses, SPEED offers multiple choices for students to prepare for MBBS NEET Examination. These apps and online courses are filled with extensive study materials that help students get enough knowledge to pass the exams with flying colors. Offering a plethora of online classes in various forms including Satellite based course, classroom based training course, and online course, students can capitalize technology to stay ahead of the exam preparation. Each of these courses serve a specific purpose and ensure a smooth and comfortable learning experience.

4. Updated course materials with relevant examples

Every year, the subjects and curriculum are revised to meet the newer standards of examination. With the examples concerned and up-to-date information about each subject, every course material becomes a book of resources and knowledge for the students. These books act as a complete guide for the students to crack the exams.

5. Individual attention to each student

Each student is given personal attention by the faculty members. With constructive criticism, doubts clarification, and teaching assistance offered by the institute allows the students to approach the exams with a positive attitude.