How to know if my NEET preparation is on the right track?

Amidst all the exam preparation, is it possible to stop and wonder if things are going in the success path? Students often wonder if there is anything they have missed or any other area to focus on to get the added advantage. Sometimes, students often have doubts if they have prepared sufficiently enough for the NEET exams. Self-doubt does not just kill time, it also affects confidence and concentration. In order to help students to evolve beyond the state of anxiety, here we have some crucial questions that run through the students minds at the nick of the exam time.

1. Is it necessary to have a study plan?

The first step in being on the right track to studying for NEET exams is to have a good study plan. A well-established plan allows the students to spread the concentration across subjects and pain areas without wasting too much time. It also helps keep track of all the topics/subjects covered.

2. How should I plan a study schedule?

Planning a study schedule is as important as the preparation itself. Allotting time for each subject or topic based on the importance is a great way of strategizing for the exam. A bigger and important topic requires more hours for studying as opposed to another small but crucial focal point. The key is to take enough breaks to have mental stamina.

3. Will mock tests help in my preparation?

Yes, indeed. Mock tests are the guiding polls for the time and effort put in. They show the areas that require more and undivided attention. SPEED institute conducts several mock tests every day and week with All India ranking for students to inculcate a sense of healthy competition.

4. What are the key focal areas while preparing for NEET?

These entrance exams are a test not only for knowledge, but also several other factors including time management, agility, quick thinking. Answering a set of questions within a specific time frame requires practice. Mock exams help students sharpen their time management skills. Solving several exam papers and attending classes gives students the ability to think fast thus allowing them to answer the question at ease.

NEET being one of the most competitive exams in the country requires utmost care and attention from students. Determination, hard work, dedication, and perseverance are the pillars to crack the exam. It is not enough to simply study – it is also important to study smartly.