How SPEED Institute Changes the Lives of Medical Aspirants

Over the last two decades, most medical students have had two things in common – their aspiration to become a doctor and SPEED. SPEED Institute is one of the premier education institutes in the country that has been helping students realize their dreams of becoming a doctor. With experienced faculty members dedicating their lives towards shaping the future of India, SPEED has touched the lives of over 100,000 students in its existence. Having produced over 100s of 100 toppers over the years in the NEET exams, the excellence of the institute in the field of education is unparalleled.

Being present across the country with over twenty plus educational centers, the aim of the institute is to make good education available to all. The Institute firmly believes in making education a reality by ensuring that excellent education is open to all despite their location. It is this vision of the institution that has led to the smart utilization of technology. Being pioneers in the field of education, this vision has resulted in incorporating technology into the educational model.

With a clear ideology to bring education closer to students, SPEED created online course modules that helped students get the most exceptional training for exams in the country. Offering a plethora of technology-based courses to suit the needs of the students, these courses ensure that distance does not affect the dreams. From providing mobile-based training to facilitating satellite-based courses, SPEED has revolutionized the education sector with international quality in teaching, guidance, and facilities.

All of this has been possible solely with the vision of one man – SPEED Institute’s founder and director, Dr. Vinayak Senthil. His hard work and diligence have been the pivotal pillars of the institute.

Dr. Vinayak Senthil holds the torch to exceptional education and drives the team towards the greater good. With a thirst to provide better education, SPEED started answer discussion books in 2006 that acts as an in-depth encyclopedia for medical aspirants.

His vision for an educated India has been instrumental in creating a PAN India presence for the education centers. Having a clear understanding of what the students need, he led the path to an unimaginable use of technology in the country for education. Clever use of technology coupled with Dr. Vinayak Senthil’s vision has been instrumental in SPEED’s ability to produce All India toppers every year. It is his ambition and drive that has students look up to SPEED for better future and to realize their medical dreams.