Everything you need to know about Super Speciality(NEET SS) Coaching

For a doctor, the learning process is never-ending. From learning the introduction of new medicines and understanding the interception of technology in the field of medicine, doctors are students for life. Now, Government of India has introduced NEET Super Speciality examinations. This entrance examination is the gateway to all DM/MCH courses in India. This exam, which is an eligibility/ ranking examination of various post-graduation courses, has come to be of extreme importance similar to NEET entrance examination.

Understanding the complexity and importance of the exam, SPEED Institute has created dedicated courses of various forms that allow doctors to prepare. Being one of the most reputed NEET coaching institutes in the country, SPEED has organized a high-end super speciality course for both MD and MS graduates. A National level exam, SPEED understands the requirements of the preparation that has to go into it.

As part of the curriculum, SPEED offers coaching for the following subjects.,

  1. Cardiovascular and thoracic surgery
  2. Gastroenterology
  3. Oncology
  4. Urology
  5. Vascular surgery
  6. Neurosurgery
  7. Plastic surgery
  8. Paediatric surgery
  9. Head & neck surgery
  10. Endocrine surgery
  11. General surgery
  12. Haematology
  13. Nephrology
  14. Immunology
  15. Rheumatology
  16. Pulmonology

All of the above-mentioned courses are offered in various models that students can select based on their preference and requirements.

This course can be tailor-made for MCH – OBG exam or the student can coach for MCH exam. The online MCH course is for 8-months with online test series and video classes conducted by experts across the country. MCH-OBG course is 50-hour video course with over 1000 questions bank.  

This course is a test based preparation module. It is for those who wish to prepare with an extensive repository of the question bank. Tests can be taken both topic wise and grand tests. All of the tests are evaluated with an All-India rank.

The 8 months course with an overall All-India ranking system, this is a test series created for those who wish to focus on practicing with exams. Various kinds of exams including topic wise exams are given to students online with a one grand exam to test their level of understanding.

Offered as both crash course and weekly course for 1 year, this course is for those who wish to put the extra effort. With homework after regular class, each student is giving individual attention. Students can choose between crash course and long-term course based on interest without being concerned about the dedication of the faculty team.

This e-book based model allows students to prepare for the exam from anywhere. With two options of crash course and 8-month duration preparation option, this is for those who require individual attention.

This course is offered in three different forms – complete exam, pathology, pediatrics. This e-book based course is for those who wish to learn at their own convenient time.

SPEED Institute has been in existence since 2000. Having trained thousands of students over the years, SPEED is one of the leading names in training students for NEET exams. Some of the reasons why students prefer SPEED over any other institution includes.,

  1. Considered one of the best coaching centre for NEET, JIPMER, AIIMS
  2. Concept-based teaching with in-depth classes based on exam pattern
  3. Group discussions before examination
  4. Fully prepared course material to all students
  5. Individual performance analysis of each student
  6. Class discussion and tests with high-yielding questions
  7. Experienced and well-trained staff from across the country with years of experience
  8. Various levels of examination including topic wise, subject-based, mock tests to prepare the students