Accolades of SPEED Institute

Started in the year 2002, SPEED is one of the most recognized hubs for students looking to fulfill their dreams. With a systematic approach to coaching students across subjects, SPEED Institute garners hundreds of thousands of students every year. With the innovation of technology, the institute soon grew into being readily available at the palm of the students with the SPEED Learning App on iOS & Android.

Since inception, SPEED has played a pivotal role in shaping the students lives of the country. Offering a plethora of services including teaching assistance, student support centres, study material support, the institute works exhaustively to improve the future of the country. Having dedicated the existence towards student excellence and service, SPEED Institute has many accolades to its name

1. 250+ expert faculty members

One of the largest institutes in the country, SPEED has over 250 faculty members who have strong expertise in their field of study. Their dedication towards coaching the students of the institute has been the backbone to the success and growth. Each of the faculty members has been careful chose to be part of the SPEED family due to their ability to teach, guide, and support students who look for guidance and monitoring.

2. 70000 medical and dental students

Owing to the strong presence in the country, we have over 70,000 registered medical and dental students who have witnessed unparalleled teaching assistance. Each student has the opportunity to choose from different courses based on their aspiration, and the institute takes pride in supporting them entirely through their journey. With a very high success rate, the institute rides on students feedback.

3. 16 years of expertise

Right from the beginning of the new millennium, SPEED Institute has carved a space for itself in the country. Having hundreds of faculty members, and hundreds of thousands of students every year, it is one of the premier institutes for NEET, AIIMS, PGI & JIPMER exams in the country. From NEET UG for MBBS entrance exam, the institute offers teaching assistance until Super Speciality. Now that, SPEED has also introduced JEE coaching for getting into IIT.

4. Different forms of course

We understand the every student is different and coaching for each of them should also be different. As part of our way to catering to multiple teaching methodologies, we have several learning modules that enhance student learning experience. From crash courses, regular course, foundation course, residential course, online course and test series the students have complete liberty to choose their choice of learning based on convenience and requirement.