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The different facilities to prepare for NEET UG

One of the toughest and most anticipated exams for students dreaming of entering the world of medical science, NEET UG exams is challenging to crack. With the pressure mounting with every passing day, students find it difficult to cope with the stress and prepare well for the exams. Most often,

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Accolades of SPEED Institute

Started in the year 2002, SPEED is one of the most recognized hubs for students looking to fulfill their dreams. With a systematic approach to coaching students across subjects, SPEED Institute garners hundreds of thousands of students every year. With the innovation of technology, the institute soon grew into being

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NEET – The tips to prepare and get your score high!

It is that time of the year again to burn the midnight oil with long hours of preparation. With NEET, the preparation and tension multi-folds. As the exam date nears, every student is left with an overwhelming feeling of stress and anxiety. Apart from the students, parents also worry as

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